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  1. Online radio is a service that allows users to listen to digital audio over the internet. It is often referred to as webcasting. It differs from broadcasting via wireless means because it is digital audio. It is a great way to listen to your favorite radio station. There are many stations to choose from, including those that are local to you. Broadcasters can create radio stations by uploading their show onto a radio server. This will allow them to stream their show over the internet. However, a self-hosted radio server can have a limit on the number of listeners. Radio servers can also be downloaded to a computer. The audience may also be limited by the internet connection of the listener. Online radio stations offer a wide variety of genres. Some of them specialize in specific genres. Another station, known as Cinemix, plays music from movie soundtracks and world-famous artists. Free online radio stations are also a great way to discover new music. Many promote up-and-coming artists. Radio online is now accessible to a worldwide audience. More people are turning to streaming services to listen to their favorite radio shows. The younger generation is used to instant access to information, and radio online makes that possible. As a result, more companies are investing in applications and tools that allow users to access radio stations online.